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Why Al Bounyane ?

The Prophet pbsl has said: "Believers are to one another like a building whose parts support one other." He then interlaced his fingers. [Al-Bukhari n°481 and Muslim n°2585] according to Abou Houraira.

Al Bounyane means:

  • Sharing... the benefit of Islam
  • Spreading... the true face of Islam
  • Helping... our motivated brothers and sisters to learn their religion but lacking financial means
  • Giving... to support such efforts
  • Bringing... to reach success down here and in the hereafter
  • Transmit... the message
  • Propagate... the Words of Allah worldwide


Our Goal

Participate to the extension of the authentic Islam worldwide.


Our way

الإسلام هو الاستسلام لله بالتوحيد والانقياد له بالطاعة والبراءة من الشرك وأهله

Islam is the submission to Allah worshipping Him alone, the subjection to Allah by obeying to Him, and the purification and disallowance of Association (as-Shirk) and of its adepts. This way, we call to Islam like it had been explained, applied and taught by the first generations of Muslims and clarified by scholars of our epoch.


How ?

  • We distribute learning materials (books, cd’s, dvds, and so on.) in various languages
  • We organize congresses of scholars and students in France and abroad
  • We send packages throughout the world
  • We accompany projects linked to the call to Islam worldwide
  • We offer advice for all your projects


With what resources ?

To lead in good terms these activities, we count only on Allah then on our association’s members efforts, on the help of donors (May Allah reward them for this great good!) and wages coming from sales of products in our shop or other.

Al Bounyâne worldwide means:

  • More than 150 000 distributed written materials,
  • More than 20 000 distributed audio and video materials,
  • More than 5 000 kilos of distributed packages to learn religion,
  • More than one hundred hours of seminaries, congresses and science sittings,
  • More than one hundred members and collaborating people in all corners of the globe.

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